SEASON #4 FULL EPISODE #41 The Ned Natter Show “Electronics, Weddings, Darts & Foreigners”

Playing darts is simple to find out and a great deal of enjoyable. There are specific variations on the game, fundamental guidelines and also standards use.

Whether you are a devoted darter, a leisure gamer or a first-timer, playing darts is a great means to relax and socialize. Before you play, there are some crucial things that you require to know. Like any kind of other sport, playing darts includes its very own set of policies as well as standards.

If you intend to play a correct video game of darts, adhere to these guidelines:

To acquaint on your own with the video game of darts, you must first comprehend the format of the dartboard. Law dartboards measure 18 inches in size and are divided right into 20 phoned number sections or “wedges”. Each wedge includes solitary, three-way and double areas, and also all sections fulfill at the bullseye at the center of the board. The wedge segments (single, double, three-way) vary only in the point values. The bullseye is taken into consideration the main target on the board and also holds the highest worth at 50 points. The wedged marked with a “20” is always centered on top.

Playing darts involves just a couple of guidelines. Under the fundamental policies of darts, the board is hung with the bulls eye located precisely 5 feet 8 inches from the flooring.

Each player throws three darts to finish a turn. To determine that tosses first, all gamers shoot one dart.

Gamers are normally enabled to heat up prior to a game begins. Everyone takes turns tossing nine darts. Once the game is in play, each shooter tosses 3 darts. The score is tallied and the darts are gotten rid of before the following player takes a shot. Factors are counted relying on where the dart arrive on the board. Each section has its very own point worth, with doubles and also triples bringing twice or three times that section’s point value. If a dart misses the board entirely or drops from the board prior to a count of 5, that dart’s score is counted as zero. Play alternates in this manner up until one gamer gets to the designated rating.

There are a number of variations on the standard game, however they all hold one typical component: playing darts is a fun way for players of all ability levels to unwind with friends.

Whether you are a passionate darter, a recreational player or a first-timer, playing darts is a terrific means to unwind and also interact socially. Like any type of other sport, playing darts includes its very own set of requirements as well as regulations.

Playing darts includes just a few guidelines. Once the game is in play, each shooter tosses three darts. If a dart misses out on the board totally or falls from the board prior to a matter of 5, that dart’s rating is counted as no.


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The Ned Natter Show [#41] |

Show Notes |

“Electronics, Weddings, Darts & Foreigners”

🐔 This week’s show is full of the antics of the gang down here on Two Medicine Farm.

Elsie has a new virtual assistant called “Alex” sold to her by Billy-Ray, one of Ding Dang’s dubious relatives that includes some unique accessories which cause some shocking results! Just don’t bother calling customer service unless you are a goat herder in Mozambique.

Card Sharps Old Nan and her friend and Nelson’s Japanese mother-in-law, Toshiko Suzuki are up to no good and also take to a cultural exchange with a game of darts that just misses the intended target…or does it?

We are all invited to the wedding of the year as farm hand Ding Dang ties the knot with his current girlfriend and third cousin Darlene-Freebird Smith who doesn’t know the meaning of tying the knot – she is pregnant with her 6th child – this time the father is confirmed as being the new Groom’s.

“Elsie’s Cooking Cock-up” is a nauseating nosh up combo of Elsie’s a favorite ingredient and a delicacy of Blind Lonnie’s based on last week’s book review. It’s called “Elsie’s Cheesy Armadillo Surprise”!
Young Alice returns from staring into space as Rush escapes to Tennessee to recover from the Democratic invasion in our street and to recover from Toshiko’s attack of his manhood, Kamikaze style.
Arrogant old catfish-faced gentleman farmer Brit Nigel Ponce is lost in translation which Ned helps him resolve, in a new segment called “American for foreigners”.
Will this week’s selections on Ned’s book reviews, make it to the bookshelf, compost heap or do they get thrown on the fire?

Our fave segments include Ding Dang’s Southern Quotes, and we’re treated to the usual weird and wacky comments and questions from listeners in Ned’s Agony segment – not forgetting we visit again with Nan’s “good ‘ole days” in her segment “Old Nan Remembers”.

Ned’s agent Fifty Per-cent has another shady ad that has more B.S. than he does and that’s sayin’ something – Oh-dear!

Yessiree – this week’s show is hilariously insane! 📍

Whichever way you dice it The Ned Natter Show is unpasteurized and unfiltered so until next time, you can visit us at our official website

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